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"Our greatest challenges are often the key, and the door,
to our greatest successes."
  ~ The Truth Behind the Titles

Is This You?
  • You're a CEO or someone in a leadership position who is strong and decisive on the outside... but something's not completely aligned on the inside.  
  • Yes, you're successful... but are you happy?
  • You're passionate about self-development and being the absolute best presence you can be in the world.
  • You don't want to do weekly visits to a therapist's office or weekly calls with a coach. 
  • You want results, and you want them now.
Most people in leadership positions - especially those who appear to "have it all" and "have it all together" - struggle with their share of inner "inner demons" (blocks, blindspots, triggers, rage, self-destructive behaviors, compulsions, insecurities, depression, critical voices in their heads) that no amount of wealth and success can erase.

The world needs authentic, enlightened leaders - not stressed out and ego-driven ones.  The world needs leaders who have healed their own wounds so they can better heal the wounds of the world.  The world needs leader who have achieved inner mastery so they may inspire mastery in others.
Welcome to Emily International, the home of two very simple,
yet very powerful and innovative technique
s, which quickly and easily:

1. Free you of inner blocks and struggles that drain your energy
2. Align all parts of you with your highest vision and purpose

Though I've worked with everyone from innocent children to violent offenders, my focus is mainly on people in leadership positions - those who want to be free of the blocks and behaviors that drain their energy so they can more easily focus their whole selves towards achieving their higher vision and purpose - for themselves and for the world.

"A true Master is not the one with the most students
but the one who creates the most Masters."

This is my guiding principle. 
I create Masters.  I get powerful Results - helping leaders become Guiding Star Leaders. 

I am not interested in you being a little bit better - I'm interested in you being exceptionally better, in every aspect of your life. 
My intention is for you to achieve mastery on the inside so you can effortlessly inspire mastery in others.

If you desire to be freer on the inside so you can truly live your highest vision and purpose, please contact me for a complimentary, confidential Guiding Star Strategy Session.

Ready to receive you...

P.S.  I am currently called to create an international network of Guiding Star Leaders.  Are you called to be one?

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